New Features Added to 2015 ATS Models


DETROIT –  The 2015 ATS Coupe and ATS Sedan will be equipped with the 2.0L turbo four-cylinder engine, and available safety-enhancing lane-changing and lane-keeping technologies, and greater torque output.

The additional torque – 295 lb-ft of torque and 272 horsepower was achieved through engine calibration that results in increased boost pressure for improved performance over the class-competitive torque level available at the launch of the ATS Sedan.

The 2015 ATS also offer lane change alert and lane keep assist.

Lane change alert works in tandem with the available side blind zone alert to warn drivers of rapidly approaching vehicles, looking approximately 82 feet from the side mirror. Drivers are warned that it may not be safe to change lanes with a flashing symbol in the side mirror, depending on which turn signal has been activated.

The lane keep assist system operates above 37 mph, using a forward-facing camera that detects if the vehicle leaves the lane unintentionally. When detected, the system engages the electric power steering to give a momentary nudge and prevent crossing the lane markings, aligning the vehicle in the lane.

Lane change alert and lane keep assist are available on both the 2015 ATS Coupe and Sedan Performance and Premium Collection equipped with the driver assist package; lane change alert is also available on Luxury, Performance, and Premium Collection ATS vehicles with the driver awareness p ackage.

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