New Detroit Zoo Ad Diagnosis Vitamin Z Deficiency


ROYAL OAK — A visit to the Detroit Zoo provides kids with a healthy dose of Vitamin Z, but what happens when they don’t get the recommended amount? The Detroit Zoo’s new advertising campaign shows what Vitamin Z deficiency looks like so parents will know how to recognize the symptoms.

In one 30-second television commercial, a mother finds her young son mimicking an anteater by sucking up hors d’oeuvres through a vacuum hose. Another shows a girl attempting to feed leaves to a very tall man, while a third has a boy cutting his sister’s hair into the shape of a lion’s mane. In each case, Vitamin Z deficiency is remedied by a visit to the Detroit Zoo’s anteater, giraffe or lion habitat.

“Kids who visit the Detroit Zoo have been getting their Vitamin Z in record amounts, but there are some who are deficient,” said Ron Kagan Detroit Zoological Society executive director. “It’s not dangerous or serious – and fortunately it can be cured with frequent visits to the Detroit Zoo.”

The new Vitamin Z commercials are currently airing on local TV stations. To view them, visit and click on Videos.

Created by Detroit-based Doner, the Vitamin Z campaign captures the emotions children experience on a visit to the Detroit Zoo. Themed around the iconic nutrition label, the integrated marketing campaign includes TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital, social and mobile elements. All branded elements include the tagline “Vitamin Z. Part of a complete childhood.”

“The new campaign uses the natural curiosity and imagination of children to urge parents to recognize the signs of Vitamin Z deficiency,” said Rob Strasberg, co-CEO, chief creative officer, Doner. “Vitamin Z fills kids of all ages with wonder and awe and allows them to be closer to the animal kingdom — it’s important for them to get enough of it.”

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