New Detroit-based Web Company, Doodle Home, to Revolutionize the Interior Design Business for the 21st Century


Detroit – Doodle Home, the latest web-based company to call the Madison Theatre Building in downtown Detroit home, will revolutionize the interior design industry for the 21st century.

Doodle Home LLC is more than just a web site; it is an interior design destination, providing its members – the design community, manufacturers and consumers – with a new online tool offering design inspiration, advice and resources, as well as the ability to purchase home furnishings.

“Doodle Home will transform how the interior design industry works, while preserving its core values of craftsmanship, quality and client service,” said Jennifer Gilbert, Founder and CEO of Doodle Home. “The site is the ultimate design resource, empowering users – those looking to design with confidence – to make informed design choices as well as the ability to purchase luxury home furnishings that have been individually curated to fit their style, budget and space.”

Doodle Home will cater to all members of the interior design community, including manufacturers and designers.  Manufacturers will be able to showcase their brands and be exposed to new customers, while design professionals will gain international visibility and have the opportunity to earn commissions from products they feature on the site.

“Through interactive and immersive technology, Doodle Home will forever change the interior design industry by providing innovative ways to create distinct, beautiful spaces,” said Fernando Prieto, President of Doodle Home.

The company invites designers, manufacturers and consumers to join their online community, where Doodle Home offers:

·         Free membership to its exclusive website
·         The ability to search, discover and purchase from a finely curated selection of luxury home furnishings, that previously were trade-only.
·         Interactive design tools and resources to create unique, personal spaces
·         Doodle Home’s Style Finder, to identify personal design style
·         Inspiration from its Look Book of beautiful, professionally designed spaces
·         Doodle Home’s Color Finder, allowing members to use inspirational images to create a customized color palette
·         Advice from professional interior designers
·         Ability to connect with design professionals

Doodle Home played a key role in transforming the historic Madison Theatre Building, downtown Detroit’s newest entrepreneurial and creative hub. Doodle Home’s offices are located in the 1917 Madison Building, located at 1555 Broadway adjacent to the Detroit Opera House and Grand Circus Park.  The vibrant, dynamic office space designed by Doodle Home will encourage creativity, communication and collaboration.

To learn more about Doodle Home, please visit:, as well as on Facebook and Twitter@DoodleHome.

About Doodle Home LLC:

Doodle Home LLC is a web-based interior design destination serving consumers, interior designers and manufacturers of luxury home furnishings. Founded in 2010, Doodle Home revolutionizes the way interior design is practiced in the 21st century. More than just a website, Doodle Home is an interior design experience, allowing consumers and professionals alike to create and visualize finished designs, interact with award winning designers, search, discover and ultimately purchase from a finely curated selection of products.

About Madison:

Madison is an entrepreneurial tech hub located at 1555 Broadway Street in downtown Detroit. Originally designed by architect C. Howard Crane and constructed in 1917 as part of the Madison Theater complex, the historical Madison Theatre Building is now a creative center designed to encourage partnership among local entrepreneurs and their budding projects and companies. The building was purchased in January 2011 and has since been renovated and transformed into an open, colorful and collaborative space.   Doodle Home partnered with Neumann Smith Architecture of Southfield, Michigan, the architects of the new space and Facility Matrix Group of Pontiac, Michigan, who provided some of its furnishings.  The building is 100 percent occupied by companies such as Detroit Venture Partners, Skidmore Studio, Detroit Labs and Doodle Home, which are committed to making Woodward Avenue a technology and web centered corridor of growth and activity known as “WEBward” Avenue.