MWW Automotive Begins Production for Ford F-150 Components

MWW Automotive Group announced today that it has begun production of interior parts for the Ford F-150 series line of trucks.

HOWELL MWW Automotive Group, a global design, engineering, and manufacturing firm serving some of the world’s leading automotive and industrial manufacturers, announced today that it has begun production for the painting and fulfillment of interior parts for the Ford F-150 series line of trucks.

The MWW interior package produced for the Ford F-150 includes several dashboard components, which will all be finished and delivered from the MWW Class-A painting facility in Baroda, Michigan. This is the second new automotive program that has been awarded to MWW in the last two months after the start of production for the new Chevy Sonic.

Charles Pinkerton, CEO of MWW Automotive stated:” We are very excited to be involved with the Ford F-150, the number one selling truck in the U.S.  This interior program is yet another one of several new MWW automotive projects that we have secured over the last few months. Several new programs with other manufacturers have been quoted, facility certification has been concluded and we expect to begin production with those programs in our first quarter.  

Supplying components for the F-150 is another milestone on our path to further establish ourselves as one of the premier manufacturers for specialized painting and logistics projects in the automotive and industrial industries. It reflects our continuing commitment to deliver only the highest quality product to our clients. We are planning to provide a complete overview of our new automotive and industrial projects soon. Rainer Poertner, responsible for business development and investor relations and myself will stay in close contact with our investors, to keep you informed about the progress of the Company’s new projects.”

About MWW Automotive Group (MWW)

MWW’s is headquartered in Howell, Michigan, with a “Class A” painting/assembly/logistics facility in Baroda, Michigan for the production of OE quality automotive and industrial products. The MWW Automotive Group delivers its in-house designed accessory products and Class A painting, assembly and logistics services directly to major global automobile manufacturers’ Vehicle Processing Centers (VPC) and/or assembly lines in the United States, Canada and Europe. MWW’s industrial products are delivered directly to the manufacturers for installation in their facilities. Noted for its adherence to the highest quality requirements and its advanced logistics capabilities, MWW products and services consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations and requirements. MWW provides substantial added value to the sale of vehicles and industrial products for leading international automobile and industrial manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia Motors, GM, Ford, Deere and Whirlpool.

SOURCE MWW Automotive Group