MRI of Southfield Offers No Cost MRI Program to Local Community


SOUTHFIELD, Mich., November 30, 2009 – When Sue Ann Durso, Executive Director of MRI of Southfield, and compassionate registered nurse, realized that she was expected to turn away a young woman with a large mass in her breast who needed an MRI because the patient’s insurance company deemed it “not medically necessary” she realized that she had to do something. That’s when she called the patient’s referring doctor and told his office manager to send the patient over to have her MRI free of charge.

“Patients who so badly need this service simply can’t be turned away,” she thought. In today’s challenging economic climate with massive job loss, the number of those uninsured and underinsured is ever mounting. MRI of Southfield has decided to try and alleviate some of the stress this situation is placing on the local community through its “One Scan A Day” program which provides no-cost MRI scans for patients determined to be “hardship cases” by their referring doctors.

“I committed myself right then and there,” says Durso, “to making sure we serve one patient per day with a free MRI scan who otherwise might not be able to have this essential service.” Subsequently, MRI of Southfield, which opened in 1986 as the first MRI center in the state of Michigan, will offer a no-cost MRI each day to a different uninsured and in need individual whose physician has determined requires this sometimes life-saving test.

“We believe in supporting the local community that we have been privileged to serve over the past twenty-three years, in good times and in bad, this program will be part of how we do that” adds Durso.

In order to obtain the no cost test, the patient’s referring physician should contact MRI of Southfield to refer them for service under the “One Scan A Day” program.