Midland’s Dow Kokam Champions Flexible Battery Solutions at Paris Motor Show


MIDLAND, Mich., September 30, 2010 — Dow Kokam, a leading advanced battery system producer, is at the 2010 Paris Motor Show to showcase its advanced lithium polymer technology, and is inviting Paris Motor Show attendees to experience the flexibility of its battery cell and system solutions for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (PHEV/EV).  The company is hosting an innovative, interactive “Battery System Solution Center,” that allows visitors to virtually design customized battery systems, including cells, packs and full integration into a range of vehicle models.

“European vehicle manufacturers are in need of energy storage solutions for electric vehicles that meet the performance needs of drivers today,” said Ravi Shanker, Dow Kokam’s President and CEO. “Dow Kokam has invested in state-of-the-art facilities in France and the U.S. to produce commercial-scale, cell and pack technology that can integrate into commercial and passenger vehicles and deliver the range, lifetime and power required by vehicle owners. We are committed to the European PHEV and EV markets, and are excited to create new opportunities for growth by providing technologically advanced battery solutions.”

At its booth, (Row 21, Stand 345), Dow Kokam features multiple displays to demonstrate the capability and flexibility of its unique cell technology and pack design to integrate into commercial and passenger vehicles. In addition to the interactive “Battery System Solution Center,” which allows visitors to design customized battery systems, Dow Kokam is also displaying an interactive digital model of an entire Dow Kokam battery system in operation in a vehicle.

“Dow Kokam’s batteries bring unparalleled lifespan and usable energy to the transportation market significantly enhancing vehicle performance and affordability,” said Jean-Francois Herchin, Vice President of Dow Kokam. “Our proven performance and experience in advanced cell design and road-tested battery system capability can make all the difference in the level of success achieved by a PHEV or EV program.”

Dow Kokam is a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery Group and Dassault SVE. In June, it announced the construction of its French pack and system production facility, Le Bouchet 2, and began construction on its world-class cell production facility in the U.S., focusing on serving automotive customers worldwide. The Le Bouchet 2 facility began commercial production in September 2010, with the capacity to manufacture lithium-ion battery systems to power 15,000 fully electric vehicles annually (assuming a 21 KWh battery system).

About Dow Kokam

Dow Kokam brings technologically advanced and economically viable battery solutions to the transportation, defense, industrial and medical industries. Uniting Dow, TK Advanced Battery Group and Dassault SVE creates the first battery and energy management systems manufacturer to combine viable, scalable large-format battery technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to become the clear partner of choice across industries.

Dow Kokam was established in 2009 to develop and manufacture advanced energy storage technologies for the transportation and other industries. The company is owned by The Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery LLC and Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault.