Middlecott Design Opens New Studio in Detroit


DETROIT— Middlecott Design has opened its new studio in downtown Detroit, and plans a grand kickoff in Septemeber in association with Detroit Design Festival and DC3 and will include the first ever annual Midddlecott Sketchbattle competition.

The new Middlecott Design studio —on the 21st floor of the the Penobscot Building — represents a new chapter for Middlecott, founded in 2008 by Judith and Brook Banham, who say this is the start of a longtime commitment to bringing innovative and progressive design strategy to Detroit.

The design duo believes that Detroit, with its entrepreneurial spirit and market flexibility, allows for a more experimental brand of studio over other traditionally design-driven cities. “The lower operating costs make it possible to take bigger creative risks,”  Brook Banham says.

With its specialty in transportation design — Brook Banham recently completed the CCS Transport Design MFA program — Middlecott is suited to the industrial life that historically characterizes Detroit. Through Middlecott Design’s strong devotion to the growth of Detroit’s unique culture, the studio aims to foster intimate relationships between designer and client.

For more information on the Sept. 21 design contest, visit facebook.com/middlecottdesign or at middlecott.com.