Michigan SBTDC establishes Growth Group to assist companies


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) has formed an advanced team of specialists called the Growth Group (G2) to prepare Michigan companies for their next stage of growth. G2 provides multifaceted strategic analysis and recommendations for organizations seeking to grow.

“As a business grows, decision making and operations become more complex and require the business to make decisions regarding moving into or out of markets. The Michigan SBTDC Growth Group (G2) has the expertise and tools to help companies handle this transition,” said Nancy Boese, G2 Coordinator and Tools Specialist for the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center.

Since G2 was formed in July 2009, it has served nearly 100 growing businesses throughout the state. Companies that seek G2 services are in a growth phase, have up to $50 million in revenue, employ nine to 99 employees and have an intent to grow.

The G2 specialists use SBTDC established tools such as Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA) assessing employees’ perceptions of the company and opportunities for change, or financial analysis tools benchmarking company’s financials against industry standards and simulates different financial scenarios based on potential changes. Other tools used by G2 are strategic actioning, process mapping and marketing plan analysis.

Melissa Angel, G2 specialist said, “The tools used by G2 are comprehensive and critical to analyzing the next steps for a company. A company seeking the services of G2 may need to use one or all of the tools available.”

The G2’s commitment is to build on a company’s strengths to help them fulfill their mission and attain their growth goals. The services of G2 are offered to Michigan businesses at no-cost through funding of federal and state dollars. To find out more about G2 visit www.misbtdc.org/growthgroup.

About Michigan SBTDC

The Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center provides counseling, training and market research for Michigan’s new business ventures, existing small businesses, expanding new businesses, new technology companies, and innovators. The MI-SBTDC is located at the Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As host of the MI-SBTDC™ State Headquarters, the Seidman College of Business oversees the twelve-region MI-SBTDC™ network. Entrepreneurs and small business owners may access the services of their nearest MI-SBTDC by calling (616) 331-7480 or visiting www.misbtdc.org.