Michigan Ranks 8th for Clean Energy Jobs


LANSING – Michigan was ranked eighth in the country for the number of clean energy and clean transportation jobs, according to a report released Wednesday by Environmental Entrepreneurs, a nationwide network of business leaders who advocate for policies that benefit both the economy and the environment.

Companies and communities announced 19 projects in Michigan last year that together are poised to create more than 3,700 jobs, according to the E2 report.

One of the companies spotlighted in the E2 report was Holland-based Energetx Composites. The west Michigan yacht designer and manufacturer transitioned its business to construct wind turbine blades that are sold across the globe. The company employs 118 people and is poised to grow, according to the E2 report.

The E2 report comes as Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration is holding energy forums across the state, including one this week in Bay County, to collect information that will shape Michigan’s energy policy moving forward. The Michigan Public Service Commission reported in February that investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency are driving down costs and creating local jobs.

Nationwide, more than 300 clean energy and clean transportation projects that are expected to create 110,000 jobs were announced in 2012, according to the E2 report.

“It’s now crystal-clear that clean energy and clean transportation are helping our economy recover,” said Judith Albert, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs. “Smart policies and regulatory certainty – at both the federal and state levels – drive economic growth. If 2012 taught us anything, it’s that if America wants to keep creating good, clean energy jobs, we need good, clean energy policies.”

For the complete report as well as a searchable, state-by-state database of clean energy job announcements, see www.e2.org/cleanjobs.