Michigan Opens State's First National Distribution and Service Center for Prescription Processing


NOVI, July 18, 2011 — NoviXus, LLC is the first national distribution and service center for prescription processing to be built in the State of Michigan. The company’s state-of-the-art facility incorporates the latest technology in pill counting automation and prescription processing software, including electronic prescribing by physicians, and patient care software to support the programs and services of its in-house call center. 

NoviXus was formed by pharmacy industry professionals to provide pharmacy services to a variety of organizations.  Under contract with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), HMO or directly with an Employer Group, NoviXus provides mail-order processing of prescription drugs for their patients.  Under contract with retail pharmacies, NoviXus also provides “central fill” capabilities to lower the cost to retailers, allowing them to compete more effectively for 30 or 90 day supply prescriptions.   

Following the model of national competitors, NoviXus is built inside of the Frank W. Kerr Company’s wholesale drug distribution center in Novi.  The synergies achieved by this location allow NoviXus to be highly competitive.  For almost a century, Frank W. Kerr has earned a stellar reputation as an industry leader and innovator. The company,  known for its forward-thinking initiatives, and has made a multi-million dollar investment in NoviXus. 

NoviXus currently has the capability to dispense 4,000 prescriptions per shift. As growth continues, the facility can operate three shifts processing 24,000 prescriptions daily and access up to 200,000 square feet for business expansion.  

NoviXus utilizes a substantial and complex infrastructure, involving both automation and the interaction of several technology systems. The mail order pharmacy has developed sophisticated, proprietary and complex software systems to manage, maintain and provide the required interaction and connectivity between all the necessary systems, as well as between NoviXus and its prescribers and patients. 

NoviXus is located inside the Frank W. Kerr Company, 43159 W. Nine Mile Road in Novi, Michigan, 48375. Toll Free: 877.NoviXus.