Michigan Movie and Television Productions


Anticipated Productions


Biggest Loser – BL4 Productions, Inc.

Feature Films

Touchback- Touchback LLC
Detroit Unleaded- Detroit Unleaded, LLC
Transformers 3 – DWStudios Productions, LLC
Hostel 3 – Stage 6Films, Inc

In Production


Ariel & Zoey (Eli,Too) – Soup J Productions, LLC
email: matt@arielandzoey.com

Katie Brown Workshop- Katie Brown, Inc.
phone: (718)243-9044
email: jobs@katiebrown.com

Noodle and Doodle- Enthusiastic Productions, LLC

Detroit 187 – FTPProductions, LLC/ABC Studios
email: detroit187tv@gmail.com

Feature Films

Auteur Theory – ErikBauer Productions
email: AuteurtheoryDetroit@gmail.com

Home Run Derby – HomeRun Derby, LLC
email: homerunderbymovie@gmail.com

Vamps – Vamps, LLC
email: vampsllc@gmail.com

Project Z – NextFilms, Inc.

LOL – LOL Productions,LLC
email: LOLproductionoffice@gmail.com

All You Can Dream – AllYou Can Dream, LLC
email: info@allyoucandream.com
phone: (616)818-7051

Machine Gun Preacher -MGP Productions LLC
email: MGPTheMovie@gmail.com

The Double – Agent Two,Inc.
email: agenttwoinc@gmail.com

Street Kings 2 – StreetFilms, Inc.
email: streetfilmsinc@gmail.com

30 Minutes or Less -Major Tan, LLC
email: 30minutesorless@gmail.com.

Harold and Kumar 3 -Santa Stash, LLC
email: HandK3@yahoo.com

Real Steel – DreamWorks,LLC
email:  realsteelresumes@gmail.com

Source: MFO Website 7/12/2010