Michigan House G.O.P. Proposes $1.4B in Budget Cuts and Savings


DETROIT, July 23, 2009 – Detroit Renaissance, a private, non-profit business leadership organization dedicated to accelerating Michigan’s economic growth, commended the House G.O.P.’s “Reinvigorate, Reinvest, Reform” plan to enact $1.4 billion in overall budget cuts and savings.

Detroit Renaissance and other business organizations have urged legislators to pass structural reforms along with spending cuts as long term solutions to make Michigan more attractive for job creation and investment growth with little traction before now. Polling data shows the public is aware of the state’s severe fiscal situation and expects leaders to take action now.

“The Senate made a powerful statement when it passed its budget cuts, House Speaker Dillon proposed the single biggest reform with his health care plan and the House G.O.P.’s proposal continues the momentum  by not only proposing cuts, but by proposing savings in the form of structural reforms,” said Doug Rothwell, president of Detroit Renaissance. “While people may differ on the specifics, it’s the right direction for Michigan.”

“In a survey we released yesterday, state CEOs forecasted that Michigan’s economy will get worse while the rest of the US stands to begin recovery in six months. We commend the House G.O.P.’s for recognizing the state’s current fiscal crisis and proposing bold long term solutions to put Michigan back on track.”

About Detroit Renaissance:

Detroit Renaissance provides leadership to accelerate the economic transformation of Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Renaissance accomplishes this work through serving as a catalyst to develop growth strategies, advocating for those strategies and championing specific initiatives that accelerate growth. A 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 1970, Detroit Renaissance includes the chief executive officers of the region’s most significant employers and universities. For more information, visit www.detroitrenaissance.com.

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