Michigan Chamber of Commerce Praises State's Efforts to Eliminate Red Tape


LANSING — The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today praised actions  by members of the Office of Regulatory Reinvention and the Environmental Advisory Rules Committee for developing a list of 77 recommendations for regulatory reform in Michigan.

“Improving Michigan’s regulatory structure is crucial to improving our economic vitality and our members greatly appreciate that the committee was very thorough and diligent in its research,” said Jason Geer,  Small Business Advocate & Chamber Partnership Manager for the Michigan Chamber. “The committee’s recommendations touch on every aspect of the state’s environmental regulations which have continuously burdened job providers across the state.

“The report outlines the steps needed to put Michigan back on track for a regulatory system that is reasonable, allows for Michigan businesses to be competitive with other states, and puts in place strong protections for the environment,” Geer added.

Some of the reforms proposed in the report include:

  • Bringing Michigan more in line with surrounding states and current federal requirements;
  • Improving the process for cleaning up contaminated sites for reuse;
  • Eliminating unnecessary and costly rules and requirements; and
  • Streamlining the environmental regulatory process.

“Now that there is a blueprint in place to reform Michigan’s regulatory system, it is imperative that we act without delay to implement these important changes and take another meaningful step on Michigan’s road to recovery,” noted Jim Holcomb, Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy & Associate General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. “With a sensible regulatory structure in place, we will improve our economic competitiveness and businesses, both small and large, will have the confidence necessary to invest and create jobs in Michigan.”