Mexican Consulate Presents Award to Detroit Executive


The Mexican Consulate announced today that due to his outstanding career, considerable altruistic activities, and resolute support of the Mexican and Hispanic communities, the government of Mexico will present the “Ohtli” award to Frank Venegas Jr., chairman and CEO of Ideal Group Inc. of Detroit.

The “Ohtli” award is the highest recognition that the Mexican Government can give to members of the Mexican or Hispanic Community. The award includes a silver medal and an official diploma.

“Ohtli” is a Náhuatl Word which means path, in other words, “the person who pave the way,” those who have dedicated most of his life and efforts to the well-being of the Mexican community that live outside of Mexico, paving the way and opportunities.

The Consul de México, Vicente Sánchez, will give the award to Venegas in a ceremony that will be held on March 21, at the Detroit Cristo Rey High School, in Mexican Town.

Detroit Cristo Rey High School is at the heart of Mexican Town and has a many Mexican students. The high school has received generous support from Frank Venegas since the school’s inauguration five years ago.  Students have since been educated and individually mentored until they are prepared to enter the workforce. Additionally, when these students finish their high school studies, they are nearly guaranteed access to a college or university; the classes of 2012 and 2013 have a college acceptance rate of 100 percent.

 Venegas is a founding board member and current chair of the Detroit Hispanic Development Corp. Board of Directors, an organization that assists youth (an alternative to gang-related activities) and helps them complete their high school education with many moving on to earn college degrees and well- paying jobs in local Detroit companies. He is also a sponsor of the Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) organization, which offers comprehensive clinical services to the Hispanic and multi-cultural communities that make-up Southwest Detroit. Furthermore, Venegas is an active member in several other business-oriented Hispanic organizations and educative societies within Metro Detroit.