Launches New Online Prescription Price Comparator and Healthcare Search Engine to Save Americans Billions created to help the nearly 40 million Americans prevented by healthcare costs from filling critical prescriptions in 2008

Medtipster has announced the beta launch of their new online healthcare search and price comparator designed to transform the landscape of American healthcare. users search for generic and therapeutic alternatives to their prescription medications and locate where they can find the best value right in their own neighborhood. Medtipster’s patented technology allows users to simply type in their drug name, dosage and zip code, and instantly find affordable generic equivalents to their prescriptions, including $4 drug pricing and therapeutic alternatives, all available in their zip codes and around the country.

With a recent Manhattan Research study showing that healthcare costs preventing nearly 40 million Americans from filling their prescriptions last year, the urgent and obvious need for is painfully apparent, especially to the women and patients with neurological and mental health conditions that the study found were the most likely to give up their medication due to cost. More than half of all American adults currently take prescription drugs daily, and due to skyrocketing prescription and healthcare costs, many of them are forced to choose between purchasing their medications or purchasing food. Medtipster was created to provide a cost-saving solution to this crisis.

“It has become a nightmare for Americans seeking to afford their medications,” said Bruce Liebowitz, Acting Chief Operating Officer for Medtipster. “We created Medtipster to provide a single, definitive source for locating the best pricing and therapeutic alternatives, saving consumers not only money but time and travel costs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information to everyone – from the growing population of uninsured and underserved to the insured yet cost-conscious consumer – and to help them access their required medications while saving hundreds of dollars every month. Because Medtipster provides objective and impartial information and drug sourcing from the lowest cost providers, we believe it will become an essential component of an overall solution to rising healthcare costs.”

While initially launching as the most comprehensive search engine for generic prescription medications, Medtipster will quickly expand to provide visitors with vital information on scheduled immunizations; health screenings and details on mini-clinics in their area; recalls and warnings; an “Ask the Pharmacist” feature; and an online community in which individuals can share information, provide feedback, and interact with other users. Personalized alerts are offered to all Medtipster members providing a huge benefit to visitors, sending a real-time notification when a member’s medication becomes generic or it is added to a discount pricing program.

Medtipster’s mobile application, to be released shortly, will allow users to access the site’s critical information using their mobile phones, even before they leave their doctor’s office, saving them the cost and time required for return visits and calls to modify prescriptions. Future releases will provide comparisons of health plans, gender-specific health issues, vision and dental pricing, pet med searches, and much more.

“Americans are searching for viable solutions to the rising cost of healthcare, and Medtipster provides an essential component for controlling medication costs,” Polter said. “Medtipster will help Americans manage their health care costs in real-time, with current and accurate pricing for discount drugs and affordable health care services. Medtipster will revolutionize the way people find their healthcare information, online or otherwise.”

Medtipster is the brainchild of 4D Pharmacy Management Systems, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) since 1988, whose leaders have a combined pharmaceutical experience of over 100 years. Medtipster was born out of the richness of this experience dedicated to creating a user-friendly source for all healthcare searches and prescription discount programs available in America.

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Medtipster ( was developed to provide the public with a solution to the rising cost of healthcare, enabling visitors to find affordable equivalents to their prescriptions, including $4 generic drugs and therapeutic alternatives, in their neighborhood and around the country. Medtipster, headquartered in Troy, Mich., is the brainchild of 4D Pharmacy Management systems, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) since 1988 whose leaders have a combined pharmaceutical experience of over 100 years. For more information, please contact Kristen Berry at (248) 723-6300, or via email at

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