MedNetOne Health Solutions Joins Sav-Mor Drug Stores


MedNetOne Health Solutions, a health care management organization based in Rochester, has partnered with Novi-based Sav-Mor Drug Stores. No cash is being exchanged as part of the partnership. Other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Ewa Matuszewski, CEO of MedNetOne, says the goal of the partnership is to join pharmacists with primary care physicians  to manage patients’ medications and  increase patients’ understanding of their prescription drug needs.

“We have long believed that pharmacists need to be part of the solution to patient-centric care, and we have taken active steps to facilitate that,” Matuszewski says. “Sav-Mor and MedNetOne Health Solutions have similar philosophies regarding community engaged health care. As independent health care organizations in niche areas, we are well positioned to respond quickly to opportunities like this partnership that can have an almost immediate impact on improving patient care.”

Sav-Mor Executive Vice President Yvonne Gallagher adds that many of the health care services offered by Sav-Mor and MedNetOne are parallel.

“…We see our relationship will have more interoperability, allowing for greater collaboration and resulting in a healthier, more motivated population,” Gallagher says.

Tia Ollie, who recently joined MedNetOne as director of pharmacy service after nearly 10 years at the Detroit Medical Center, will oversee the pharmacists engaged in the new partnership, as well as all of MedNetOne’s organization-wide pharmacy activities.

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