Maytag Introduces New Trademark


BENTON HARBOR — Maytag is introducing the new face of their brand —The Maytag Man. Known for the Maytag Repairman, the company is changing things up; hoping America will receive him the same way, officials with the company said today.

The Maytag Man has a new purpose at the company as the machine in the kitchen. and will also make him present in ridding the house of tough stains with Maytag’s brand PowerWash system. The company is launching him through a series of videos that depict him as the machine going about its duties.

Spokesman William Beck said the new face of their brand is a creative interpretation of their motto, ‘What’s Inside Matters.’

“We want to recognize and draw a connection to individuals who work with strength, resilience and persistence, just like our appliances, to get the job done,” Beck said.

The Maytag Man will be featured in four national television ads airing March 3 that are already available online as a part of its marketing campaign for their new trademark.