Mayor Bing Bets on Tigers in Friendly Wager With Mayor Lee


DETROIT — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing today joined San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee in a friendly wager on the outcome of the 2012 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants. Games 1 and 2 will be played Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco before moving to Detroit’s Comerica Park on Saturday for Game 3, followed by Game 4 and, if necessary, Game 5.  

The Mayor of the losing city will travel to the winning city for a day of community service and a tour of important businesses based in that city. If the Tigers win, Mayor Lee will come to Detroit to tour the Chevy Volt factory – Mayor Lee’s official City vehicle is a Chevy Volt — and learn more about Detroit’s leadership of the electric vehicle segment, as well as other innovative high-tech companies in Detroit. Mayor Lee will also participate in a day of service on behalf of the youth of Detroit. If the Giants win, Mayor Bing will travel to San Francisco to speak with young people in the Junior Giants program, and also to tour high-tech companies that have brought prominence to San Francisco. 

“The Detroit Tigers have brought plenty of excitement and a lot of pride to the people of Detroit, the entire metro area and the state of Michigan during this post-season,” Mayor Bing said.  “I am pleased to make this wager with Mayor Lee, because the Tigers have dominant pitching, they’re swinging big bats, and they’re playing great defense.  As much as I enjoy visiting San Francisco and the Bay Area, I probably won’t get there anytime soon. I believe the Tigers have too much talent and too much momentum for the Giants in this Series.” 

Nevertheless, San Francisco Mayor Lee holds out hope that the Giants can pull off yet another miracle after winning six straight elimination games during this year’s playoffs. “The San Francisco Giants are truly the comeback kids – this team never quits,” Mayor Lee said. “With the steel nerves of Romo, Zito, Vogelsong, Cain, Scutaro, Posey, and Pagan, and the managing prowess of Bruce Bochy, this team can stare down the toughest of opponents.” 

Both mayors encourage all fans to treat each other with respect, to be safe and to practice good sportsmanship.  In the end, the World Series celebrates the game of baseball, and rivalries should remain on the field.