M-1 Rail Names Business Advisory Council


DETROIT— Officials with M-1 RAIL announced yesterday its Business Advisory Council.  The 25-member group is representative of the broad-range of business and institutions along Woodward Avenue where the streetcar will operate.

“Our goal was to assemble an equitable sampling of people who represent the businesses and institutions located along Woodward Avenue, and with them comes varying views that will help us steer this project in the right direction,” said Sommer Woods, director of community and governmental affairs for M-1 RAIL.  “Having a Council in place is just one of the ways in which we are connecting with local business and community stakeholders.”   

The council was based on proximity to where the streetcar will operate and a willingness to voluntarily participate. The role of the committee: Indentify ways to minimize the impact of construction to businesses; provide input during construction to reduce disruptions to business activities; and offer guidance to how M-1 RAIL can benefit businesses and customers.

Stan Nelson, owner of the Red Rose Florist, is a member of the council. He says, “Business owners should take the time to become aware of the effect the streetcar will have on their business during and after construction.  In my role on the council, I will not only provide my opinion, but also help share information about the project with other businesses, customers, and community members.”

The members of the M-1 RAIL Business Advisory Council are:

1.      Torya Blanchard, Good Girls Go to Paris/Rodin
2.      Lynnette Boyle, Bedrock Real Estate Services
3.      Annmarie Erickson, Detroit Institute of Arts
4.      Khalilah Burt Gaston, Vanguard Community Development Corporation
5.      Robert Gregory, Downtown Detroit Partnership / Campus Martius Park
6.      Scott Harrison, Detroit Symphony Orchestra Max M. Fischer Music Center
7.      Cheryl Hudson, Woodhouse Spa
8.      Jack Janiga, Universal Parking Management
9.      Joe Johnson, Compuware
10.  Ryan Kukla, Quicken Loans
11.  Mike McLauchlan, Ilitch Holdings
12.  Michael McNally, Hines Management
13.  Jameel Montgomery, DRIVE
14.  Juanita Moore, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
15.  Karen Nagher, Friends of Milwaukee Junction
16.  Stan Nelson, Red Rose Florist
17.  George N’Namdi, N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art
18.  Lisa Nuszkowski, Wayne State University
19.  Bunia Parker, Summit Commercial
20.  Jeanette Pierce, D:HIVE
21.  Veronica Rickett, Bedrock Real Estate Services
22.  George Stewart, Midtown Developer
23.  Tom Teknos, Hudson Café
24.  Lawrence Williamson, Midtown Detroit Inc.
25.  Dave Zainea, The Majestic

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