Local Eye Surgeon Introduces New Cataract Procedure to Metro Detroit


STERLING HEIGHTS — Cataract patients in metro Detroit now have access to a new laser procedure through the Surgery Center of Michigan.

“These laser procedures are truly technological breakthroughs in precision, accuracy and safety for today’s cataract patients,” says Dr. Jay Novetsky, the medical director and founder of the center.

Novetsky says the new procedure, called LENSAR, reduces the amount of energy needed to remove the cataract and executes a more gentle and efficient surgery. He also says LENSAR also makes laser correction of astigmatism now possible with more precise and predictable laser-guided application.

Novetsky says cataract surgery has evolved over the years from a procedure with less than certain outcomes, to an advanced no-patch, no-shot, no-stitch, 10-minute procedure with a swift recovery time.