Local Credit Union Builds Their Business on Real Change


LIVONIA, Mich., Sept. 3, 2009 – When Livonia-based Co-op Services Credit Union’s management team sat down to determine how their business could make an impact in the southeast Michigan communities that it serves, they didn’t mess around. Driven by the cooperative attitude that makes all credit unions unique and a desire to make a difference, Co-op Services Credit Union created Project 100, a local initiative that’s giving $100 dollars to 100 people over 100 days.

While some may wonder why any business would give away money in this economic climate, Co-op Services recognized that this act of giving would create a ripple effect that could spread throughout the area. By handing random people $100 dollar bills and encouraging them to continue the effort of giving, they are enlisting an army of people who can create real change in our community.

“Ultimately, all of the people that receive $100 dollar bills will be responsible for the success of Project 100,” says Lisa Fawcett, a Co-op Services representative, “They’re the people that can really create change by giving back in their communities. We simply represent the spark to get things started.”

Over the last two months, Project 100 has given away over $5,000 to local residents in communities throughout Southeast Michigan and will continue its giveaways until it reaches its 100th recipient.

About Co-op Services Credit Union

Co-op Services Credit Union is a full-service, non-profit, member-owned financial cooperative founded in 1954. Membership is open to anyone with a two-dollar lifetime membership fee and a $5 deposit in a share account.

Co-op Services Credit Union is an active member of the communities it serves and has eight full-service branch offices located throughout Metro Detroit.  For more information about Co-op Services, visit the credit union’s web site at www.cscu.org or call 800.321.8570.

About Project 100

Project 100’s mission is to positively impact the community and its residents by encouraging people to give to others in any way they can. Additionally, Project 100, through its website www.whatisproject100.com, is an educational resource for the community on the subjects of volunteering and giving back.