Local Computer Forensic Expert Earns Top Certification


SOUTHFIELD — Mark St. Peter, a computer forensic expert and managing director of Southfield-based Computing Source, has earned the Certified Computer Examiner certification from the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners.

An internationally recognized certification administered by the international organization, the CCE has evolved into one of the most desired certification programs in the digital forensics industry. Despite the CCE being increasingly required for computer examiners by companies and government agencies worldwide, this elite certification is held by about 900 individuals from around the world and granted only after an applicant has completed a rigorous, standardized testing process. Additionally, an applicant is required to agree to and sign the ISFCE Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, submit a notarized statement that all work on the certification is done without assistance, undergo a criminal background check and achieve approval from the ISFCE Certification Board.

“I am honored to earn this highly-regarded certification and continue to add to my credentials,” said St. Peter of Royal Oak. “As a leader in the industry, it is critical to provide the highest level of expertise to my clients.”

With more than 30 years experience, St. Peter is an associate member of the American Bar Association and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. He has more than eight years experience with electronic discovery, computer forensics, Internet usage, file storage, deletion, metadata, preservation and presentation of electronic data. He also serves as managing director of Computing Source, a full-service litigation support company, providing computer forensic, e-discovery and digital imaging services.

 Computing Source specializes in electronic discovery, computer forensics, expert testimony, paper, media and traditional discovery and document review. For more information, visit www.computingsource.com.