Lincoln: The Road Less Traveled

The car company plans to court buyers with personalized service and sleek design.








BMW and Mercedes as big box retailers? Well that’s what Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president of global marketing, likened the foreign luxury OEMs to during a recent press conference at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for the 2013 Lincoln MKZ concept sedan. “Efficient, but soulless,” he said.

Farley went on to describe how Lincoln plans to exploit a niche in the luxury car market by catering to customers who crave attention. “Our vision is for Lincoln to distinguish itself once again by providing a more individual, specialty motorcar, and a more personal and crafted experience to match,” Farley said.

Lincoln, which has reported falling sales in recent years, is positioning itself for a comeback. The car company plans to woo new and existing buyers by assigning a two person sales team to each customer, offering more time-saving conveniences, and building an app that allows customers to view their Lincolns at their local dealership service garage. 

As for design, the Lincoln MKZ concept, with its sleek lines, chrome accents, and a panoramic glass roof, is meant to cater to a more forward-thinking buyer. If the concept makes it to production as is, Lincoln will be one of the first car companies to offer an all glass roof.

In a bid to match Lincoln’s energy, photographer Nick Martines created a panoramic view of the press unveiling. Perched atop the second floor of Lincoln’s display, Martines captured the MKZ concept premiere using a Nikon D3 camera and a Nikon 28-70mm, 2.8 IF-ED lens, which was then attached to a Manfrotto Panoramic head. The photographer used a carbon fiber tripod with the head to maintain stability and consistency.

To achieve the look, Martines shot and digitally stitched eight sequential pictures together. The resulting photo measures 6 feet across, but was resized to fit the format of a website. Time consuming — yes, but totally worth the look.

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