Lincoln Pioneers New Music Experience with Beck


DEARBORN — Lincoln, the luxury automotive brand, announces the launch of “Hello, Again,” a yearlong, multiplatform program that supports reinterpretations of noteworthy artistic material to create fresh and distinctive bodies of work.

In a special live performance in Los Angeles last night, award-winning singer/songwriter Beck introduced the first project when he re-imagined David Bowie’s classic song “Sound and Vision” for a group of 300 invited guests. Renowned as a musical visionary for the breadth of his 20-plus-years-spanning catalog, Beck led more than 150 musicians through a one-time performance.

“For the new Lincoln to be relevant, we know we have to offer a unique luxury automotive experience,” Matt VanDyke, director of Global Lincoln, said. “The ‘Hello, Again’ program is intended to be a metaphor of Lincoln’s personal and surprising differences in product and client experience.”

The live show concept, developed in partnership with director Chris Milk and Willo Perron & Associates, and produced by, created a 3D spatial audio-visual performance filmed in front of an intimate audience in Los Angeles at 20th Century Fox Studios. Famous for his immersive music and fine art projects, Milk, in collaboration with Beck, fully re-imagined the concert concept by creating a 360-degree, interactive experience where the music and the musicians surround the audience.

In the next stage of this re-imagining project, the performance will be converted into an online, high-fidelity event that elevates the viewers’ visual and audio experience. Audiences will have the opportunity to watch it all come together when it is broadcast at on Feb. 10.

“From the way we arranged the song down to the live performance, we were focused on the idea of immersing the live and online audiences’ audio senses by having the music come at them from every direction,” Beck said. “It’s difficult to re-create a live concert, but by using this 360-degree approach, it opens up an entirely new kind of experience that will surprise people.”

Adding to the creative partnership is Beck’s father and renowned composer/conductor David Campbell who reprised his role as arranger/composer of Beck’s musical performance. To round out the musical contributions, the Dap-Kings led the group of more than 150 musicians as the event’s house band.

More Lincoln “Hello, Again” programs will continue to collaborate with various artists and partners to fund a range of projects that nurture originality within the cultural community to bring attention to re-imaginings in design, music, film, architecture and other areas of the arts.