LeSUTRA Announces Distribution throughout Michigan


BRIGHTON — Award winning spirits brand LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur is pleased to announce their partnership with the largest distributor of wine and spirits in Michigan, National Wine & Spirits Michigan. The partnership will mark the launch of the Michigan-made spirits brand into its home state.

NWS Michigan represents 57 percent of the Michigan spirits market, featuring more than 7,000 products including spirits, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages that are distributed to 12,000 customers throughout Michigan. LeSUTRA joins NWS Michigan’s impressive portfolio with its ultra-premium brand of sparkling liqueurs.

LeSUTRA, a sparkling liqueur infused with premium vodka and a hint of white wine, offers an exciting alternative to traditional spirits, wine and champagne. The versatile brand is available in the following tantalizing fruit flavors: grape, strawberry, blueberry, and peach. LeSUTRA’s invigorating taste, coupled with its gluten-free ingredient combinations, makes it a superior choice at a light 42 calories per ounce, which can be sipped straight or mixed in a cocktail.

The founders of LeSUTRA drew inspiration from the ancient Hindu meaning of sutra—the thread that brings us together, to help define the brand as a beverage that unifies a party and ignites remarkable encounters. Together with NWS Michigan’s superior network of professionals, suppliers, retailers, and employees, LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur by definition, will continue to evolve throughout their home state as “The Spirit that Brings People Together.”

“We are thrilled to introduce LeSUTRA to its home residents through NWS. By pairing our groundbreaking, Michigan-made spirits brand with the leading wine & spirits distributor in the state, we have a champion in LeSUTRA at its home base,” says Co-Founder of LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur Tom Bruno.