Leo’s Coney Island Opens in Grand Rapids, Creates 50 Jobs‬


DETROIT — Southfield-based restaurant Leo’s Coney Island is expected to open in Grand Rapids in late July, its first location in West Michigan, 50 jobs created.

“Grand Rapids has one of the best economies in Michigan and across the nation,” says Bill Krall, owner/operator of Leo’s Coney Island. “Not only did we see this as an opportunity to tap into a booming market but also the chance to give a new community a dining option it currently doesn’t have.”

The first Leo’s Coney Island was established in 1972 by brothers Peter and Leo Stassinopoulos, who opened their third location in Farmington in 1982. The restaurant now has 54 locations across Michigan.  

Krall hopes to open more locations throughout West Michigan in the future, with no specification in regards to when.  

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