Kickstarter “Not Necessarily” Unfriendly Towards Technology Projects


ANN ARBOR — RFD Insight, Inc., an Ann Arbor-based business consulting firm, has supported Tellurex Corporation of Traverse City in a successful Kickstarter campaign, helping to raise 131 percent of its goal from the popular crowd-funding website.

Online media reports that fewer than 30 percent of technology companies have successfully reached their goals at Kickstarter, a blow to tech savvy firms across Michigan. Tellurex is a long-time Michigan R&D and manufacturing firm in thermoelectric applications.

By contrast, reports that theater and dance have success rates of 64 percent and 69 percent respectively, while music projects have a 54 percent rate of reaching their targets.

RFD Insight supported the Tellurex application with new web pages and a press release that were linked to the Tellurex Kickstarter offer with words and images.

“Keywords and terms were carefully chosen to drive high rates of discovery via Google search,” explains Lawrence Dolph, managing director of RFD Insight. “In other words, people didn’t necessarily know they were looking for this opportunity but found it on Page One of the Google Search citations. The product looked good and they joined pledge stream on Kickstarter.”

“The first impression that Kickstarter investors are not that friendly towards technology offers has been partially dispelled,” observes RFD Insight’s Dolph, who leads the marketing practice of the Ann Arbor consulting firm. “Presentation is everything. You may have to work a little harder to make a technology offer as compelling as the arts, but that’s not to say it can’t be done.”

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