Karmanos Event Raises $2.8M to Expand ICU, Add Clinic


DETROIT — A record $2.8 million was raised for the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at its recent annual benefit dinner held at General Motors Design Dome.

Thanks to the generosity of its many sponsors and supporters, approximately $2.3 million was raised leading up to Karmanos’ Annual Dinner, with the event itself raising $500,000 more.

This year’s Annual Dinner will benefit the expansion of Karmanos Cancer Institute’s Intensive Care Unit and create a 24-hour acute care clinic, enhancing the care that patients receive at Karmanos.

Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive officer, attended the evening’s festivities and paid tribute to her friend, the late Lil Erdeljan, former Karmanos Cancer Institute board member and long-time Karmanos supporter. She announced that the Erdeljan family was contributing $50,000 to Karmanos’ Nursing Department in Lil’s memory.

“Lil made so many contributions of her time and resources that ultimately benefitted cancer patients,” Barra said. “The ongoing success of the annual dinner is a testament to Lil’s immense contributions. It was her vision, determination and hard work that helped bring the annual dinner to its current status as one of the community’s finest and most successful events.” 

Hank Winchester, anchor/reporter for WDIV Local 4, returned once again this year to serve as emcee.