Karmanos Center For Natural Birth Opens Rooftop Garden


ROYAL OAK — The Karmanos Center for Natural Birth at Beaumont Hospital has opened a rooftop garden to promote movement during labor and offer an outdoor expansion of the center.

Accessible and visible from the six natural birthing suites at the hospital, the garden contains a pergola, plants and decorative stones in blues and greens, a curved walking path, and seating areas.  

“Hospital patients with a window view of nature experience improved surgical recovery outcomes,” says Deb Axelrood, site planner and landscape architect. “Nature-inspired design elements have been further shown to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve cognitive functions, enhance mental stamina and elevate mood.”

Danialle and Peter Karmanos Jr., a couple who had their children through natural birth, donated $6 million to the hospital to help create both the center and new garden.

“In addition to providing an opportunity for healthy movement and relaxation for the mothers who labor at the center, we hope the garden and its intentional design elements will have an inspiring and calming influence throughout the hospital,” says Danialle Karmanos.  

For more information visit beaumont.edu/natural-birth-center.