Jervis B. Webb Co. Upgrades Airport Baggage Handling System


FARMINGTON HILLS – Jervis B. Webb Co., a  provider of material handling solutions, has upgraded its industry leading WebbView integrated baggage handling control system for airports.

The improved WebbView includes an enhanced graphic interface, mobile application, and dashboards that can be easily customized to meet individual users’ needs. WebbView’s ability to instantly pull, configure, blend, and share reports on any conveyor, at any time, on any date, for any flight in detail for the past 400 days makes it unique in the industry. A new video highlighting WebbView upgrades is available at

“WebbView has always been an excellent product and is used at dozens of airports, but these upgrades truly put WebbView in a class by itself,” says Brian Stewart, general manager of Daifuku’s Global Airport Baggage Handling.  “The real innovation behind this new system is it combines the knowledge and expertise of not only software engineers, but also control and mechanical engineers who design the baggage handling systems and field and operation technicians who service and run the systems.”

WebbView emphasizes software-to-operator compatibility, including a user interface that is fast, configurable and provides users a total view of the entire baggage management environment. The system is designed with a Windows interface and is accessible (via confidential password) on any mobile device.

Webb has designed, manufactured, installed and serviced hundreds of baggage handling systems including inline baggage screening conveyors, sortation units and carousels.  By combining software and hardware development under one roof, Webb developed an integrated baggage handling control system that can operate in real world conditions.   WebbView also integrates seamlessly with equipment and systems from other companies.


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