Internationally Recognized Artist to Lead CCS Entertainment Arts Program


DETROIT — College for Creative Studies alumnus Tim Flattery of Rochester is returning to lead the Entertainment Arts program.

 “It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to return to my roots and instill the next generation of concept artists and illustrators with the same amazing guidance I received many years ago, but also give them unparalleled access to industry experts that have thoughtful insight into this ever-evolving field.”

Flattery is a creative concept artist and designer with expertise in concept development, design, and fabrication. He has worked with directors such as Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and Robert Zemeckis. In addition, Flattery has worked on projects like Capitan America: Winter Soldier and The Hunger Games. Beyond his career as a concept artist in the film industry, he has also worked independently for Entertainment Arts, the EA Games Label, and Spinmaster.