Ink Detroit Adds New Detroit Themed Skate Decks


DETROIT— Ink Detroit, a Detroit based clothing company, has unveiled its new skate deck, expanding their well known clothing line that promotes and encompasses the positive sides of Detroit. The Detroit-themed decks include their best-selling Detroit Skull design made up of the Olde English “D” as well as a design based on the new Woodward M-1 Rail line.

“We’re beyond excited to introduce these skate decks as part of our growing brand,” says co-owner Steve Mansour. “After seeing success from our shirts and hoodies, this product is a good next step into expanding.”

The new decks include one style that has become a hit clothing when launched in the clothing line, Detroit Skull. This design features a skull silhouette, made up of the Old English “D” recently Slash guitarist of Guns and Roses rocked the Detroit Skull T-shirt on stage with Aerosmith at DTE Energy Music Theatre.

The second deck included in the release is a new design, featuring the well known M-1 sign for Woodward Avenue. With the new M-1 Rail being built, Mansour says the design is a fitting theme incorporating the growth of Detroit and the new projects taking place in the city. The design includes a depiction of the Woodward road on top, with the M-1 and iconic I-75 interstate sign design on the bottom of the board.

“The M-1 longboard image is a photo I took after spending about three hours driving back and fourth from Royal Oak to Detroit looking for the perfect M-1 sign,” says designer and founder Paul Marcial. “I finally found a sign southbound Woodward/M-1 just north of I-75 near downtown Detroit.  It’s an old rusty beat up sign. The image is featured on longboard skateboard which, is not a trick board but a cruiser and was inspired by cruising and the fact that M-1 was the first trunkline highway in Michigan.”