IncWell Invests in Michigan Startups


BIRMINGHAM — IncWell, a venture capital group, announce today the company has focused 40 percent of its investment efforts on Michigan business.

“While we of course believe in Michigan and its extraordinary growth potential, we started this venture capital group in order to invest in the best possible startups in the nation,” says Tom LaSorda, former Chrysler CEO and the founder of IncWell.

In the last six years, Michigan has rocketed from 41st to 6th in the nation for entrepreneurial climate according to a study released by MiQuest, a nonprofit affiliate of the Small Business Association.

“In many instances, we don’t have to search very far. Some of the most exciting and innovative new businesses are being founded right here in Michigan,” LaSorda says.

IncWell’s portfolio includes Michigan startups BoostUp, a web app that allow users save money towards major purchases; Clicktavated, a platform the allows people to interact with video content by clicking on items they want to purchase; OwnThePay, an online fantasy sports site; and Meditory, a product that scans, interprets, logs, and cross references prescription pill bottles for the healthcare industry.