iDashboards Partners with Veterans to Visualize Big Data


TROY – iDashboards, a Troy-based pioneer in developing business intelligence dashboard solutions, has partnered with the Nashville-based Department of Veterans Affairs to provide them with software to create a customized dashboard that has allowed them to take paper-based data and unify it into one organized dashboard.

“Since partnering with iDashboards, we’ve been able to create integrated access of our data internally that has been tremendously beneficial,” says Anthony Gomez, Department of Veterans Affairs human resources consultant. “The dashboard has helped us to identify staffing and resource needs by streamlining our data collection and displaying it in a way that really tells a story.”

Gomez says now that the dashboard is in place, the Department of Veterans Affairs is able to visualize their information in a simpler fashion, allowing them to track key performance indicators like staff performance, patient satisfaction, re-admission rates and length of patient stay.