'Hold The Fort' Makes Detroit Debut


DETROIT — “Hold the Fort,” a one-day, public art and music event, will make its Detroit debut from noon until 10 p.m. this Sunday at Historic Fort Wayne. The arts and music centered event aims to activate the local arts community and benefit Detroit non-profits by bringing together global artists, builders, community groups, and food vendors and further stimulate the positive efforts within and on behalf of Detroit. All programming and installations will be inspired by the authentic cultural DNA of Detroit and made from found objects.

Select activations include “The Windmill Project” by Carlos Nielbock and CAN ART HANDWORKS; “Home Mender” by Monica Canilao; “Gon Kirin” mobile installation by Ryan Doyle; a musical house installation by Airlift New Orleans; and “Sky Burial-As Above so Below” by Bethany Shorb.

Music organization Sheik ‘N’ Beik (www.sheiknbeik.com) in coordination with local and international artists will attempt to secure a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by breaking the world record for the longest back-to-back DJ set on vinyl. This activation, called “Fort the Record,” is designed to promote the vinyl Industry and showcase seven generations of Detroit music.

Harnessing the “Motor-City’s” cultural DNA, Historic Fort Wayne will provide a creative canvas for large-scale art installations, live performances, and sales of food and crafts. Proceeds from Hold the Fort will be donated to a variety of Detroit non-profit groups including 2051, Rosa Parks Foundation, TAPS, Youthville Detroit, and the East Michigan Environmental Coalition Council.

Hold The Fort is produced by DetroitED, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create high impact projects that hyper kick start local communities, through place-making and the marriage of participatory art and science. Hold The Fort is an annual event in its inaugural year which brings local communities together and empower them to take pride as stakeholders in their city. Equally, it will reactivate this important historical site, allowing participants to draw inspiration from Detroit’s rich history in building its future.

For more information about Hold the Fort please visit www.Detroited.org.