HFCC Pilots Project Lead The Way in Dearborn Schools


DEARBORN — Henry Ford Community College is piloting Project Lead The Way in Dearborn Public Schools, a hands-on approach to science and engineering, at Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford High School and Fordson High School, all of which are part of the Dearborn Public Schools.

This project-based program engages students on multiple levels and exposes them to areas of study that they may not typically pursue. Lead the Way is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs used in schools. STEM plays a major role in U.S. competitiveness and future economic prosperity, and works to promote the concept of innovation.  

“One of the challenges facing many schools today is industrial arts classes have gone away because of other curriculum requirements,” said Chad Richert, lead instructor and program coordinator of HFCC’s Architecture Construction and Energy Technology program. “Our goal is work with the community to create jobs where students can go from high school to industry. We have such a great engineering environment in Detroit, particularly in Dearborn because of the automotive industry. Some of the smartest engineers in the world are here.”

Lead The Way’s mission is preparing students for the global economy with a world-class curriculum, high quality professional development and an engaged network. Its comprehensive curriculum has been designed by teachers, university professors, engineering and biomedical professionals and school administrators to promote critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real world problem-solving skills in students.

HFCC’s current Lead the Way offerings at the three Dearborn-based high schools include “Introduction to Engineering Design” and “Principles of Engineering.” Students are dually enrolled in this program and have the opportunity to transfer their credits to HFCC upon graduation from high school. The current PLTW semester ends May 31.

For more information, visit hfcc.edu