Henry Ford's 150th Birthday Celebrated


TAYLOR — July 30th marks the 150th birthday of legendary American industrialist Henry Ford whose innovations put the world on wheels and changed the workforce. Taylor-based BiancoTours celebrates this momentous sesquicentennial event with the launch of a new tour called “Happy Birthday Henry.” 

“Happy Birthday Henry” features onboard guest narration by Ford expert Steven Stanford of “H is for Henry” publications. As our Bianco Tours motor coach travels to sites throughout Detroit and Dearborn pertinent Henry Ford, Mr. Stanford will chronicle the Ford Motor Company founder’s fascinating life story and the evolution of his company. He’ll share the triumphs and tragedies this local titan of industry faced and keep tour goers spellbound with stories of the man behind the public image. 

“I’m excited to partner with Bianco Tours and bring Henry Ford’s story to life through the “Happy Birthday Henry” bus tours offered this summer and fall,” said Hartland resident Steven Stanford. 

“Henry Ford’s 150th Birthday is a great time to explore the life of a man who started out as a simple farm tinkerer and went on to become one of the titans of American industry.  In doing so he changed the way we live and the impact of his life is still felt today.”

“Happy Birthday Henry” includes lunch at Maccabees at Midtown, a new restaurant located in the Albert Kahn designed Maccabees building. Mr. Kahn was Henry Ford’s favorite architect. Also included is a narrated tour of the Ford Piquette Plant. This historic landmark is known as the birthplace of the Model T. 

Car clubs and professional, social, fraternal, and religious organizations seeking to offer the Happy Birthday Henry tour to their membership can contact Bianco Tours at 734-946-7021 to reserve a date. Interested individuals can contact their respective senior and recreation centers, or call Bianco Tours directly to find out which local centers are offering this tour.