Hennessey Capital is Now Hitachi Business Finance


ROCHESTER – Hennessey Capital has changed its name to Hitachi Business Finance to better reflect the global power and strength of its parent company, Hitachi Capital America Corp. The new name takes effect immediately.

The change comes one year after Hennessey Capital was acquired by Hitachi Capital America Corp. “This is more than just a new name,” says Mike Semanco, president and COO of the Hitachi Business Finance division. “As we continue to work locally here in Michigan and with our expansion across the country, we are finding that people are excited about the power of Hitachi and the results we can deliver for our clients.”

Hitachi Business Finance offers a variety of complex business financing needs. Lending solutions include factoring and revolving lines of credit, each designed to enhance profitability and strengthen cash flow.

“We are excited to make this change,” adds Semanco. “The strength and size of Hitachi provides us with the flexibility to offer creative lending solutions at more competitive rates. In the end, our goal remains the same — to offer financing solutions to complex business challenges and customize an individual solution to move your business forward.”

 “The Hennessey Capital team has really been team Hitachi for the past year,” says William H. Besgen, president of Hitachi Capital America Corp. “We felt that now was the right time to make the final transition. The work they’re doing will only be strengthened and enhanced by carrying the Hitachi name across Michigan and the country.”