Health Care Companies Create TRIARQ Health


TROY— Two companies from the medical and technology communities have created the new company —TRIARQ Health, with a focus to align and address the value and quality of healthcare to consumers through value-based programming, like gainsharing and bundled payment arrangements.

“We believe that the TRIARQ Health aim of focusing on demonstrated value and quality is good for everyone and leads to cost savings and better clinical outcomes,” said Mike Sappington, CEO of gloStream.

TRIARQ Network and gloStream, along with industry healthcare executives and providers, created the new TRAIARQ Health. According to Jeff Lutz, spokesman, the new company is located at 1050 Wilshire Dr, Troy, and will add 15-25 employees to its 200 person staff, over the course of a year.

The companies mission is to providing high quality healthcare at affordable costs to populations and communities.

“This new company powerfully combines clinical, business, technology, negotiation, change, management and financial strength, to help meet the fundamental challenges facing physicians, physical therapists, and other medical, wellness and movement professionals seeking to create high performing, thriving practices, through a determined focus on quality,” Steve Gill, co-founder of TRIARQ Network and president of TRIARQ Communities says.