Harsens Island Bridge Contingent on Residents' Approval


DETROIT — Detroit International Bridge Company president Dan Stamper released the following statement August 23 regarding the company’s review of options for the construction of a new bridge in St. Clair County, Michigan connecting Harsens Island to Clay Township:

“The Detroit International Bridge Company has examined the viability of a bridge to Harsens Island. Our approach for an alternative crossing to Harsens Island would provide certainty to island residents while maintaining the character and identity of the community.

“As our company reviews opportunities for the construction of a bridge to Harsens Island, we are committed to preserving that community’s choice in its future. In keeping with that principle, any construction of a permanent and reliable vehicle crossing to connect Harsens Island to the mainland should be contingent on the approval of the people of Harsens Island, and should not be imposed without regard to the choice of those that would be served.

“Our company would seek dialogue with the residents of Harsens Island and ultimately a vote of the people to address the actual transportation needs.” Currently not connected to the mainland by any permanent roadway or structure, Harsens Island is located in the St. Clair River. The ferry operator announced plans to retire after the Michigan Public Service Commission rejected a proposed rate increase.