Harley Ellis Devereaux Teams Up with Students to Explore Industry


tDETROIT For the fourth year in a row, a group of Harley Ellis Devereaux’s staff have participated in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Mentor Program at Renaissance High School in Detroit, as volunteer mentors that are practicing professionals within the community.

t“For the past four years, I have really enjoyed participating in this program because these students want to be involved and learn about the construction industry. This is an extracurricular activity that the students in Detroit Public Schools are offered and they come freely, excited and with lots of questions,” said Kristen Burgess, architectural designer at Harley Ellis Devereaux. “It is a great feeling to help a young person figure out their career path and see them move through the ACE program and into college.”

tAs mentors, Burgess and her colleagues, Kshipra Rele who is an architect, and Steve Dailey a mechanical engineer with Harley Ellis Devereaux, spent time with the students working on small projects. They often took field trips to show the students what the architectural, engineering, and construction professions are like. Two highlights of the program are visiting Harley Ellis Devereaux where someone from each department talks with the students and visiting construction sites.

t“These activities were never offered when I was in high school, and I can see this experience is invaluable to the students for learning what each of the disciplines duties are within the larger team,” Burgess said.

tFor additional information on the mentorship program, please visit www.acementor.org or contact Kristen Burgess.