Green Energy Renewable Solutions Moving to Detroit


tDETROIT — Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc. today announced that it is relocating its corporate headquarters to the city of Detroit, and will begin operating from its new location as early as next week. Green Energy Renewable Solutions has been working with representatives from the state of Michigan and cities of Detroit and Highland Park to finalize plans for development of deconstruction and renewable energy capabilities.  The Company will closely support Detroit and Metro Area plans for community revitalization and green industry development.   Green Energy Renewable Solutions is proceeding with short-term plans to establish its Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) deconstruction and conversion plant in the Detroit market.  The Company is developing plans to introduce clean energy capabilities which will provide community-distributed electrical power.

t"Our Company shares the same commitment to support recycling, green energy and green technology as the City of Detroit, surrounding communities and the state of Michigan.  We believe this is the ideal location for Green Energy Renewable Solutions to focus our development plans.  Our Detroit operations will become the model for future community development as we implement our replication plan," said Joe DuRant, CEO of Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc.

tThe Company's new headquarters will be located at 243 West Congress, Ste. 350, Detroit, Michigan.

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