Granite City Brewery Comes to GM Ren Cen


DETROIT — The Minneapolis-based Granite City restaurant and brew-pub will open its 35th location in the GM Renaissance Center next fall. Construction is expected to start in January.     

“We’re pleased to announce and welcome Granite City to the GM Renaissance Center,” says Claudia Killeen, manager of Renaissance Center development, General Motors Co. “From tenants and young professionals to sports fans and downtown event-goers, we anticipate the new Granite City will be a flagship gathering place for more than 15,000 people who work in and visit the GM Ren Cen every day.”

Reaching across 16,000 square feet of prime GM Ren Cen real estate, the new restaurant will seat more than 450 patrons, and include room for an additional 175 people on an outdoor patio facing Jefferson Avenue.

“It’s commonly known that Detroit is seeing a resurgence,” says Rob Doran, CEO of Granite City & Brewery. “As we continue to grow our business in Michigan, we’re excited to be part of the growing Detroit food and beverage community, and couldn’t imagine a better location to call home than the iconic GM Renaissance Center.”

While similar in style to the restaurant’s Troy location, designers have worked closely with GM to infuse elements of both companies’ brands into the floor plan. Featuring a grand entrance way with rotating Detroit and automotive-themed videos projected in the lobby, guests will enter from the west side of the building and be seated inside the dining area to enjoy a selection of classic modern American menu items, as well as a regionally-defined seasonal menu sourced from Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Patrons will enjoy a unique selection of brews including Northern Light Lager, Bennie Bock, Duke Pale Ale, Batch 1000 Double IPA, Broad Axe Stout and more, all created using a patented process called Fermentus Interuptus.  Making micro brewing for multiple locations more efficient, the process allows a sweet liquid called wort to be shipped from a central brewing facility to individual stores, where fermentation and brewing are completed.