Government Website Preferred by Public


ANN ARBOR — ForeSee, in partnership with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, released the 2013 third-quarter E-Government Satisfaction Index, which revealed that federal government websites led their private sector counterparts in citizen satisfaction and that people increasingly turn to mobile devices to access the Internet.

The ACSI E-Government Satisfaction Index is a comprehensive reflection of citizens’ experience with federal government websites and serves as a checkpoint for evaluating the success and performance of these websites. The methodology, which identifies key drivers of online satisfaction and quantifies their relationship to overall citizen satisfaction, has been proven to predict how citizens will behave in the future. ForeSee collected more than 270,000 survey responses across 105 federal government websites.

“Measuring citizen satisfaction accurately predicts how likely people are to participate with the government website in the future and use the site as a primary resource,” said Dave Lewan, vice president at ForeSee. “In recent years the federal government has invested significant time and resources in digital initiatives with the aim of providing more cost-efficient channels for communication – understanding that a positive experience will keep citizens coming back to the online functions rather than opting to use costlier channels such as branch locations or contact centers.”

A complete list and analysis of citizen satisfaction scores for individual federal government websites across E-Commerce and Transaction, News and Information, Portals and Department Main, and Careers and Recruitment categories can be viewed in the third quarter ACSE E-Government Satisfaction Index.

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