Global Consulting in Farmington Hills Launches Job Search Seminars


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Considering that Michigan has the nation’s largest unemployment, Global Consulting recently launched the Global Career Strategy Center to empower individuals toward becoming their own advocates to land the job of their dreams.

“Job searching is not about finding the right job,” says Arthur Gluzman, managing partner of Global Consulting, Inc. “It’s about tapping into your SELF and figuring out what kind of life you want to live. We guide our clients from the very beginning to look at their job search from that perspective – and they end up thrilled with the results.”

Through his company’s triumvirate of services, Gluzman helps under-employed, unemployed and general job-searchers create a resume that reflects who and what they are and want to be and empowers them to become their own best advocates. In addition to launching this new arm of a business he established in 1998 to help people strategically find the right jobs, Gluzman is launching a new spate of seminars this fall to teach people how to constructively job-search.

Both job seekers and those interested in reinvigorating their careers will gain insight and tools during Global Consulting’s Savvy Search crash course:

Savvy Search #1: Honing Your Resume, Prospects, Who You Are and more…November 20, 2010, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. – $250/person (students will receive a $100 discount on Global Consulting’s comprehensive, custom job search package)

Savvy Search #2: Honing Your Resume, Prospects, Who You Are and more… December 8, 2010, 6:30-8:30 p.m. – $250/person (students will receive a $100 discount on Global Consulting’s comprehensive, custom job search package)


Gluzman has coached clients to transform their work situations, and their lives: a back room auditor to a flashy fashion job at BCBG; a laid-off Midwesterner became a high-powered restaurant industry finance manager; a go-nowhere cog-in-the-corporate-wheel redirected her career to a life in the country and a leadership position that she loves.

A graduate of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad School of Business, Gluzman earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an accounting concentration in 1993. He worked with a Big Five firm before transitioning into executive search and forming Global Recruiters Inc., in 1998, which became Global Consulting in 2002.

Job searching is more than making a great resume or scanning want-ads, says Gluzman.

“Quality companies always have demand for quality people; the challenge is to present you as the quality person you are,” he says. “It takes an investment in yourself – of time, of thought and of resources – to find not only a job, but a job that can grow into a career and give you the life you’ve always wanted to live. We focus on the inner-view, not the interview.”

Next year, Gluzman will be offering classes on The Power of Linked In as well as other strategic job-search seminars. Global Consulting’s comprehensive career counseling, one-on-one strategy sessions cost $795 and include a resume overhaul, creation of a targeted list of companies within a certain mile radius, a and strategic list of decision-makers/hiring managers, and other job search strategies. The company includes a staffing arm, a career strategy center and a unique system for providing staffing services for non-profits at rates they can afford.

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