Ghostly International & o2 Creative Solutions Present Discovery iPhone App


ROYAL OAK, Mich., July 27, 2009 — Since 1999, Ghostly International — along with its dance floor-oriented counterpart, Spectral Sound — has been partnering with artists from across the globe, releasing music without the restriction of established genres or classification.

Established in 2001, o2 Creative Solutions is a leader in the field of experience design, seamlessly integrating design, communications, and technology. A truly multidisciplinary studio comprising artists, designers, inventors, producers, technologists, writers, animators, and makers, o2 draws from its wide range of expertise to create compelling communications and memorable experiences — from interactive art installations at major music festivals such as Coachella, to large-scale event production for automotive clients including Scion.

Ghostly and o2 have come together to create a whole new way to discover the music you love with the GHOSTLY DISCOVERY iPhone app.

DISCOVERY is a 100% free application available through the iTunes store. DISCOVERY is a mood-based radio station featuring the entire Ghostly International and Spectral Sound catalogues as streaming audio. Here’s how it works:

Set the MOOD wheel to a color that best reflects your state of mind. Set the DIGITAL / ORGANIC and FASTER / SLOWER sliders to suit your taste. DISCOVERY then builds a playlist of music from Ghostly International’s catalogue of vibrant, forward-thinking music — a playlist that matches exactly how you’re feeling, right now.

Once you’re enjoying your playlist, you can read up on Ghostly’s artists, save your favorite songs, and purchase the songs right from your device via iTunes integration.

Ghostly’s roster ranges from Matthew Dear’s techno-pop to School of Seven Bells’ tribal shoegaze; from The Sight Below’s downbeat gloom to Lusine’s beautifully fractured beats; from Kate Simko’s elegant minimalism to Osborne’s classic house anthems.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Ghostly’s songs, streaming for free. It’s all waiting for you inside DISCOVERY.
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