Gas Station TV Creates First Custom Ad for Fiat


BIRMINGHAM — Gas Station TV, one of America’s top-rated video networks at the pump, today will debut a new commercial for the 2013 Fiat 500 which was created expressly to target consumers on television screens outside of the home, including GSTV-equipped gas stations. This represents the first time an automotive brand has created advertising tailored specifically for GSTV. 

Created in partnership with Doner of Detroit, the spot, titled “Deer Blind,” centers on a vigilant Fiat 500 devotee — who has taken up residence inside of a gas pump — who becomes overwhelmingly enthusiastic while waiting to catch a glimpse of the fuel-efficient Fiat 500. 

“The gas media platform presents an interesting opportunity to showcase the fuel efficiency of the Fiat 500 in a unique way,” said Casey Hurbis, head of Fiat Brand Communications. “Integrating the physical gas pump as a key part of the creative helped us to develop an experience that is organic to the gas station environment, and consequently, one that is much more engaging for viewers.”

“Understanding the dynamics of how viewers interact with screens at the pump was key in ensuring that we helped FIAT create an experience that was contextually informative and entertaining,” said Kerrin Kramer, vice president, brand leader at Doner. “GSTV has been a great partner in that task, and I’m confident that we’ve created something as engaging, as it is unique.”

The network, which reaches 37 million viewers monthly, offers integration opportunities within the custom content of its programming partners — ESPN, CNN Headline News, Bloomberg Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, and AccuWeather — as well as, provides other campaign optimizations such as pre-pump roadblocks and dynamic location-based tags that spur immediate consumer action.

“At GSTV, we pride ourselves on digging deep to come up with unique solutions for our clients. I’m honored that that FIAT Brand North America and Doner recognized that, and entrusted their foray into the gas space to our team,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “Something we’ve been able to do really well, and what sets GSTV apart from competitors, is a true understanding of what motivates and engages our viewers. I am confident that as brands continue to see the effectiveness of the platform, and really understand how gas media is entwined into the fabric of life in America, we’ll see more gas space-specific creative coming to our screens.”