Gary Goodman Joins Human Element’s Strategy Team

Gary Goodman
Gary Goodman // Photo courtesy of Human Element

Gary Goodman has been named a strategist at Human Element, an Ann Arbor-based e-commerce development agency. The hiring comes as Human Element expands its strategy team in response to its growing client base.

In the role, Goodman will help clients find opportunities for growth and optimize their online operations. Goodman will bring a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape, says Sabra Bander, director of strategy.

“Gary will be a valuable asset to our team in many ways,” Bander says.

Goodman was previously digital marketing and e-commerce manager at Equal Exchange in Boston. He also has owned and operated his own luxury silk bedding company.

Through past experiences, Goodman has built an expertise in content marketing, SEO, SEM/CPC, ERP, and Marketo. With online merchants changing consumer behaviors and creating new opportunities for growth, Goodman says he is excited to put these skills to work as Human Element continues to grow.

“Most of what we’re experiencing in e-commerce was going to happen anyways,” Goodman says. “But the pandemic has accelerated the pace. For our B2B clients especially, the user experience bar has risen considerably, and there’s a digital transformation that needs to happen to keep up.”

Human Element has been creating online stores for North American clients since 2004. Though focused on e-commerce technologies, Human Element has evolved to deliver a full spectrum of services, including marketing and consulting. This has led to the formation of long-term partnerships that extend beyond online stores.

The expansion has stemmed from having more clients who have requested more projects.

“Especially for complex projects, taking the time to make sure we’re doing the right thing — meeting the client’s true goals — before coding even begins, is critical,” says Jason Magee, co-managing partner.

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