Fulton Innovation's Technology Provides Restaurants with Wireless


ADA — Fulton Innovation, the creator and exclusive licensor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power, today announced that its technology will be used in the nation’s first restaurant with a full-scale rollout of integrated wireless charging. Kitchen 67 Brann’s Cafe, in Grand Rapids, Mich., will officially open on August 25th as one of the first restaurants in the nation where customers can wirelessly charge Qi-compatible devices at their table. 

Eighteen tables at Kitchen 67 allow customers to charge their Qi-compatible mobile phones by simply placing their phones on the table. Restaurant patrons can enjoy their meal without having to worry about dragging around cords and locating an available outlet where they can charge their devices. The technology is embedded into the surface of each table using a Leggett &  Platt, Inc. Helios™ transmitter and Krueger International (KI) Wireless Power Grommet, a solution developed through a collaboration of the three companies.  The grommet utilizes eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology and is Qi-compliant, meaning it will work with a variety of mobile phones on the market today, regardless of brand.  eCoupled technology adapts to deliver the exact amount of power required by the device by communicating with it in real-time, and stops charging once the device has completed its charging cycle.

Kitchen 67 provides seamless access to a neighboring Verizon Wireless store to provide customers a dining experience that marries good food with the latest in technological innovation.  Not only can customers buy Qi wirelessly powered phones in the Verizon store and use them immediately in Kitchen 67, but they can enjoy a meal while waiting for their existing phone to be serviced.  A notification screen in Kitchen 67’s dining area will alert customers about their phone’s status at the Verizon store.  Verizon, along with Fulton Innovation, is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, and is at the forefront of providing customers with Qi-enabled mobile devices that can be charged on Qi-compatible surfaces, such as those at Kitchen 67.

The concept of a restaurant incorporating technology, while somewhat new in the United States, is already a standard offering internationally, most notably in Japan.  Japan currently boasts over 2 million Qi-compatible devices being used in the market today and over 120 locations offer Qi wireless power charging stations in tables as a standard feature.

“Kitchen 67’s decision to integrate wireless power charging technology in its tables demonstrates that wireless power has moved beyond the home and office. We expect more retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces to install wireless power stations soon so that consumers no longer have to hunt for power outlets on the road,” said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation. “There are no limits to what can be done with wireless power technology and we are in talks with several partners to bring even more innovation to the industry.”

Currently there are Qi-enabled phones are available for sale in Verizon Wireless stores, with millions already in the market. For consumers without a Qi-enabled phone, the restaurant will provide external accessories that customers can borrow and use with their phone to experience the convenience of wireless power. Kitchen 67 opens on August 25, 2012.