French-American Chamber of Commerce Announces New Member Opportunities


The French-American Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chapter, a nonprofit business organization is inviting prospective members to join the organization this year.

“We attract individuals from a variety of nationalities who are drawn to the Chamber’s cultural activities and esprit de corps,” says Cedric Ballarin, FACC Michigan president and vice president of headquarters in France-based Faurecia.

Ballarin says the organization is committed to improving economic, commercial, and financial relations between France and the United States and offers business, educational, and social opportunities to its members.

Membership dues are $1,400 for councilor ambassador; $750 for councilor patron; $250 for councilor corporate; $100 for active retail; $50 for active individual; $25 for educator; and $25 for student.

For more information, call (313) 701-8294 or visit

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